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Meet Myles, our apprentice IT Engineer!

Since 2019 we have partnered with Just IT, a fantastic organisation which provides opportunities for young people to gain hands-on experience in the workplace instead of pursuing a university degree.

Just IT is a national multi-award-winning company operating for over 20 years. They support learners through a unique offering of apprenticeships, recruitment and training services.

We have provided IT apprenticeship roles in IT and Design and currently have Myles Emueze, a local A-Level School Leaver, with us on a 12-month IT Support apprenticeship. Reporting to our IT Manager, Myles helps with daily IT support helpdesk enquiries. 

We asked Myles a few questions about his experience to date. We hope it is valuable for any young person unsure if attending university is the right path for them.

Why have you chosen an apprenticeship over studying?

There are several reasons to opt for an apprenticeship over conventional study, and I think the factors that appealed to me the most and ultimately led me to pick an apprenticeship are:

Hands-on experience: Firstly, apprenticeships offer the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience in a specific field or industry, which can be and have been more valuable than purely theoretical knowledge I would’ve gained going the conventional route.

Career readiness: Apprenticeships give you a leg-up and allow you to gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to start within your chosen field while working alongside experienced professionals.

Earn while you learn: Earning a salary whilst learning on the job was appealing. They give you the ability and privilege to make a wage while learning and gaining experience, rather than incurring the debt that often comes with attending the alternative route of the university.

Industry connections: Finally, the industry connections and opportunity for networking granted by apprenticeships was the icing on the cake. It allows me to build relationships within my chosen field, which can help me find future employment opportunities.

How did you find out about Just IT?

I rediscovered Just IT during a strenuous job search and found their website. I was already subscribed to their newsletter. I proceeded to plug in all my details and that I was looking for apprenticeship opportunities in the IT field and stumbled upon the listing.

Please explain the process; how was it? From when you first contacted Just IT to finding the role at AD?

The search for Just IT came after a failed stint at University. I wouldn’t say I liked the fit, and I went into it reluctantly only because of Covid closing many apprenticeships. So after not enjoying a university education, I was reminded by a friend who felt the same way that Uni wasn’t even what I wanted to do initially. So I started searching for apprenticeships shortly afterwards.

I found out about Just IT through a job search website. I was looking for apprenticeship opportunities in the IT field and stumbled upon their listing. I was immediately drawn to the company’s focus on providing their employees with hands-on training and professional development opportunities, so I sent them my details. Then I forgot about it and persisted with my frantic search for a relevant role that interested me.

Not long afterwards, I got a call back from a number I didn’t recognise. I looked at my phone sceptically but answered anyway, and it was Just IT. We further confirmed my details, and I was presented with two interview opportunities within the next two weeks. After going through the interview process and learning more about what the course provided and more about the prospective companies, I was thrilled to receive an offer and eagerly accepted.

How have you benefited so far? What skills have you learnt?

As an IT engineering apprentice, I’ve benefited greatly from the hands-on experience and practical skills I have gained. Through working on real projects and tasks under the guidance of experienced professionals, I have learned and developed essential skills such as:

Technical skills: I have learned specific technical skills related to my field of IT engineering, such as programming, network administration, and cyber security.

Problem-solving skills: By working on real-world projects, I have developed my ability to analyse and solve problems, a critical skill in IT engineering.

Communication skills: Collaborating with others on projects and communicating technical information to non-technical colleagues has helped me improve my communication and teamwork skills.

Industry knowledge: Through exposure to various aspects of the IT industry, I have gained a deeper understanding and developed the knowledge I need to succeed in my career.

In addition to these skills, I have also benefited from the connections and relationships I have built with colleagues and industry professionals during my apprenticeship; it has further given me guidance and a more structured approach and outlook on what I want to pursue post-apprenticeship.

AD Associates studio by St. Paul’s Cathedral

What were your first impressions of the company and working?

My first impressions of the company were incredibly positive. The modern and well-equipped office space immediately caught my attention, and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the team, especially that of my soon-to-be mentor, as we shared practically all the same interests. I was also impressed by the level of investment the company has made in technology.

Working here has been a great experience so far. The supportive and knowledgeable team has provided me with valuable hands-on learning opportunities. In addition, I appreciate the trust they have placed in me to take on essential tasks and responsibilities. I am excited to continue growing my skills and contributing to the company’s success.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for my apprenticeship experience and highly recommend it to anyone looking to start a career in IT.

Myles Emueze

How has the support been from Just IT? Do they continue to support you once you have found your apprenticeship?

The support I received was fantastic. They provided many resources and opportunities to help me succeed in my apprenticeship and beyond. Just IT provided me with training programs that covered a wide range of IT-related topics and skills. In addition, the mentorship opportunities allowed me to work with experienced professionals in my field. This helped me develop my technical skills and gave me a deeper understanding of the industry and how to succeed in my career.

Once I found my apprenticeship, Just IT supported me by providing ongoing career support, such as assistance with CV writing and interview preparation. They also gave me access to job opportunities and networking events, which helped me build my network and grow my career.

Overall, I am very grateful for the support I received from Just IT. I highly recommend their program to anyone looking to start a career in the IT industry, primarily because their support also included my health and well-being, ensuring I was comfortable and excelling.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship programme to a friend?

As an IT engineer apprentice, I recommend the apprenticeship program to a friend. My apprenticeship is a fantastic opportunity to gain hands-on experience, develop my skills, and launch my career in the IT industry.

The combination of on-the-job experience and technical and theoretical knowledge that I have gained through my apprenticeship has been invaluable in helping me develop the skills and knowledge I need to succeed in my career. In addition, working on real projects under the guidance of experienced professionals has allowed me to develop my technical, problem-solving, and communication skills, which are all critical for success in the IT industry.

I have also benefited from the connections and relationships I have built with my colleagues and industry professionals during my apprenticeship. These connections have been valuable in helping me find future employment opportunities and advance in my career.

Just IT is about making careers happen. We are a group with social impact at its heart, enabling us to reach more learners, and improve communities by putting people at the heart of everything we do. Our unique offering allows us to support long term career development and relationships with clients across all sizes, including those in the creative sector like AD Associates, to create sustainable improvements in answering the digital skills gap.

Leanne Sanneh, Senior Account Manager, Just IT

If you want to learn more about Just IT and its fantastic services, please get in touch with them directly.