Who we are

The shared experiences of our studio, passion for creativity, and collaboration to deliver great design are at the heart of who we are. And we unlock the hidden potential of projects and the brands we serve by positively impacting the guest experience.

We are bold. Unafraid to ask questions and to learn. Most importantly, we love what we do.

Our goal is to provide clients with the best value through an agile and ‘tailor-made’ approach, with insightful and genuine advice.

Our disciplines

Strategy & Concept

Staying true to the specific brand requirements and the demographic of their guests, we create and develop concept designs and narratives for their sub-brands based upon insights, research and experience.

Architecture & Interiors

We manage and deliver all aspects from concept to completion. We create stylish and functional interior architectural solutions, maximising value, space, natural light, vistas and drama.

Identity & Wayfinding

Having a strong and identifiable brand presence is important for businesses and spaces. We create identity systems, incorporate placemaking, and design whole wayfinding packages. These can be static, physical or digital and mobile.

Artwork & Styling

We provide consultancy, procurement and commissioning of art and styling collections. Every project is bespoke and based upon your brief and budget. Our commercial awareness ensures scalability in the rolling out of schemes.

Our design philosophy


The brands we serve all have a story to tell. Our designs are born from their visions and aspirations. Through immersion, careful consideration, and design development, we create fulfilling narratives. And we craft these stories into distinct experiences and designs which are purposeful, memorable and authentic.


We take care of the brands we serve, never forgetting the end-user and, importantly, the world we live in. We aim to influence positive change for the future, with conscious decision making to minimise impact where feasibly possible.


Fuelled by the passion of loving what we do, together we contextualise, evolve and translate ideas. We drive each other forward and make bold creative decisions. Most importantly, together, we make ideas a reality.

Our people

We have a studio team offering a comprehensive combination of creative, technical and operational expertise, spanning industries from 5* hotels, luxury cruise yachts…and beyond.

These skills include specialists across, but are not limited to: interior architecture, interior design, graphic design, project management, finance, coordination, visualisation, illustration, operations, furniture design, branding, marketing and procurement.

A collective of curious individuals, we are a melting pot of personalities and cultures working within a progressive studio. Our diverse skills and interests blend to create passionate and purposeful design.


Chris Finch

Founder & CEO

Nicola Preece

Design Director

Andrew Porter

Technical Projects Director

William Whitehouse

Commercial Director

Nicholas Bone

Architectural Projects Director

Heather McLellan

Design Associate

Alessandro Tessari

Design Associate

Anthea Michael

Senior Brand & Marketing Manager

Emma Chadwick

Studio Manager


We adhere to our client’s brands’ environmental policies and aspirations and encourage green best practices as often as possible.

Our bold approach to design champions the sentiment ‘building better’. It allows for maximum innovation, creativity and mindfulness whilst never compromising on the quality and aesthetic of the end design.

Through the United Nations-backed SME Climate Hub, we have committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and being carbon neutral by 2050, reporting annually.