Saga Spirit of Adventure
Brand positioning

Amalfi is one of the speciality dining restaurants on board Saga’s Spirit of Adventure.

This refined and sophisticated space provides an Italian experience from the moment a guest steps inside.

Guests can hand-pick their wines from the brass-trimmed, floor-to-ceiling wine cabinets which display some of the finest Italian wines.

Design features are a marble, patterned tiled floor that uses four types of coloured marble (green, grey, white and black). And one wall features chevron-cut marble and mirror with brass trim, the mirror helping to maximise the light in the room. Bold splashes of colour are added in the form of authentic Italian, red leather chairs and banquettes.

In addition, the banquette has been designed for ultimate comfort and appears freestanding. The red leather makes a strong contrast against the, classically Italian, white linen table clothes and help to maintain the light yet intimate feel of the room.

Finally, the bespoke lighting feature with white glass globes that resonate with popular Italian style. The design has subtle nods to deco style and includes brass cuffs as an interesting feature to match the brass ceiling.