The Pantry – Library

Crystal Endeavor
Venue overview

24-hour self-service venue for beverages and snacks and comfortable space for guests to enjoy a selection of books in the adjacent Library.

A comfortable self-service area, open 24 hours a day, for guests to obtain hot or cold beverages or a light snack. With comfortable seating, the Library also serves as a relaxing space and a place to write a postcard or surf the web.

The centrepiece of the Library is the LED vapour fire with the sofa nook and feature armchairs. Fabrics include rich evergreen tones paired with the fresher powdery yellows.

We wanted to evoke a sense of exploration through detailing and the material selection and celebrate being in a marine environment. With full height bookshelves, panelling and details create the atmosphere of an expedition map reading room and not a generic lounge. We had a unique opportunity to do that on this project due to the nature of the space and how guests will use it.