The Sapphire Suite

Saga Spirit of Adventure
Brand positioning

Spirit of Adventure will possess a distinctive personality; confident and bold, offering a new, fresh and boutique style to the cruise market.

The Forward Suites on Spirit of Adventure are the highest-grade accommodation the ship has to offer. They are one-off, signature spaces offering style and luxury, among the finest cabins at sea.

Drawing upon the name of the ship itself, we were looking at ways to bring this concept of adventure into the forward suites to maximise its poignancy and the wonderful emotions of excitement that are associated with it.

The key idea was to pay homage to exploratory times and people, the pioneering and achievements of the British.

Exploration & Astronomy – The Sapphire Suite

The Sapphire Suite is inspired by the sharp, clean lines of geometric ice-caps, voyages of British astronomers to see the bright dancing lights of the auroras, and the incredible swaying bands of light and colour that they create.

We conceptualised winter trailblazing to the Arctic circle as we visualised the geometric design of the carpet and drew upon the blues, greens and purples of the northern lights for the fabrics on the sofas and tiling in the bathroom.