Crystal Endeavor
Venue overview

Crystal Endeavor’s main restaurant serves daily menus of international classic and modern cuisine

Following the successful inclusion of the Waterside restaurant on the Crystal Cruises fleet, we were asked to bring the same concept onto Crystal Endeavor.

Blue and teal shades act as a defining characteristic in Waterside’s identity, and we have incorporated some neutral tones here for distinction. The space also features bespoke wine fridges, a textured wall, brass trimmings and inlays, pendant cluster lighting, and a bespoke carpet design.

Notably, this space offers window-to-window views from each side of the vessel so guests can enjoy amazing scenes, of remote, bucket-list destinations as they dine.

We also included sculptural murals in the space to combat some structural challenges that are present, these shapes were then echoed through to the designs on the screens for continuity.

As always this venue features an impressive sculptural Maître-D desk in the entrance with a feature tiled floor to draw guests through to the restaurant.