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We’ve made the climate pledge!

We are proud to support the United Nations RaceToZero and committed via The SME Climate Hub to become a carbon net-zero agency by 2050.

The SME Climate Hub provides small and medium-sized businesses with a one-stop-shop to make a climate commitment. In addition, we can access best-in-class tools and resources to mitigate environmental impact and build resilient businesses for the future.

The full pledge involves:

  • Halving our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • Achieving net-zero emissions before 2050
  • Disclosing our progress yearly

About the SME Climate Hub

The SME Climate Hub was founded by the We Mean Business Coalition, Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the United Nations Race to Zero campaign in collaboration with Oxford University and Normative. This partnership is an exercise in a radical collaboration that allows SMEs to join the United Nations Race to Zero, an international campaign that brings together an unprecedented coalition of real economy actors and 120 governments committed to achieving net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. 

Over 2,600 SMEs across 84 different countries have committed, with key sectors including retail, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, technology.

What else is happening?

Commitment to the climate pledge is just one aspect of the various positive changes on the way for AD as we make a move to be more sustainably conscious. Fundamentally, we cannot be sustainable if the ethos and fundamentals are not embedded within our team, culture and brand.

As an organisation, we will be providing the tools for awareness and education, including establishing an internal team of Sustainable Champions across the various disciplines and business units. Those with keen interest, desire, and passion for design best practices and products will form the group and subsequently share their learned knowledge amongst the rest of the team.

This forms part of our long-standing commitment to being a force for good in the design community – for the benefit of our projects, clients, team and community.

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