Chef's Garden Kitchen

Bringing the full flavours of nature to the table.
Brand positioning

Guests are treated to a uniquely immersive experience, gazing at panoramic sea views or watching the master chef Niklas Ekstedt prepare extraordinary creations in an open kitchen.

Featuring Nordic cooking and preserving techniques with astonishingly creative combinations of rigorously fresh seasonal ingredients, which take centre stage as micro herbs, salads, and garnishes grow in specially commissioned units from the first-at-sea hydroponic garden.

The hydroponic garden, sea views and ample natural lighting from the adjoining conservatory provide biophilic design benefits to the space making this a calming and enjoyable location to dine onboard.

We included sculptural oak back chairs, faux slate and agglomerate (marble effect) finish to tables and countertops, and woven artwork screens. In addition, the porcelain floor includes an inlay trellis effect as a further nod to garden and greenhouse imagery.