Sweet Temptations

Confection F&B venue
Brand positioning

Fun and tasty treats for all the family. Guests can enjoy high-quality treats, including crêpes, waffles, frozen yoghurt, a build-your-own station, and a classic gelato counter.

We created the brand and visual identity for this sophisticated yet fun f&b confection offering and ensured its bold identity resonated through the interior elements. Tiles were made to match the brand’s colour palette of two-tone pinks and greens.

In addition, to entice guests on a journey to satisfy their sweet tooth, we ‘zoned’ the open layout using the block-colour technique to differentiate the offerings, giving each food station a designated colour from the brand palette.

As a fun nod to the venue’s purpose, we incorporated the waffle cone effect on light fixtures, Creperie bar front and wall panelling. This continues with the lighting feature designed to replicate ice cream cones.