Pan-Asian restaurant
Brand positioning

An immersive, authentic dining experience offering the finest Pan-Asian cuisine.

Named after the cherry blossom – the national flower of Japan – and symbolic of renewal and optimism, Sakura offers Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian flavours for a taste of Pan-Asian cuisine that is both authentic and energising.

The original inspiration was from Kyoto, well known for the tea ceremony. We developed the concept around warmth and welcoming hospitality – very much on an intimate scale as opposed to urban city inspiration.

A traditional Japanese tea room inspired the finishes and palettes. Tatami matting effect, timber fretwork and ceiling details.

The Kyoto roofline inspired the large-scale artwork in the space.

A design highlight is the cherry blossom tree, which creates a canopy stretching across the ceiling with glass lanterns creating a warm atmosphere of warm “festoon” style lighting.

There’s a low-level sushi counter where the guests can sit opposite the sushi chefs to watch them prepare the dishes. And also a traditional ‘zashiki seating’ option, which we placed on a raised platform to enhance accessibility.

Finally, an open galley kitchen activates the guest experience with high-level seating to connect the guest with the galley.