Khukuri House

Saga Spirit of Adventure
Brand positioning

Khukuri House is a speciality dining restaurant on board Saga’s Spirit of Adventure, serving modern takes on traditional Nepalese cuisine, which has been inspired by Gurkha heritage.

A striking design feature in this space is the artwork, and the vibrancy of the colour palette transfers to the furnishings. In keeping with the theme of the restaurant, our bespoke artwork concept is inspired using a traditional artwork style of a nearby region called Madhubani.

Using accents of colour from the artwork, we have incorporated a sumptuous banquette in a deep, teal-turquoise velvet. Similarly, a deep cerise is also used in a quilted fabric on the back of some of the dining chairs. Other dining chairs in this space feature woven cane and this is mirrored in the screens that sit behind each banquette to unify the dining areas.

Lighting is a key design feature, and in this case, homage has been paid to the traditional female dress of Nepalese women and the large, engraved, gold discs they wear as ear ornaments. The windows are framed with a contemporary twist on traditional, Nepalese design and around them the wall finish will resemble bare, cement walls of rustic Nepalese buildings. Teaming this with an authentic Nepalese menu heightens this immersive experience for Saga guests.