The Adventure Suite

Saga Spirit of Adventure
Brand positioning

Spirit of Adventure will possess a distinctive personality; confident and bold, offering a new, fresh and boutique style to the cruise market.

The Forward Suites on Spirit of Adventure are the highest-grade accommodation the ship has to offer. They are one-off, signature spaces offering style and luxury, among the finest cabins at sea.

Drawing upon the name of the ship itself, we were looking at ways to bring this concept of adventure into the forward suites to maximise its poignancy and the wonderful emotions of excitement that are associated with it.

The key idea was to pay homage to exploratory times and people, the pioneering and achievements of the British.

Science & Invention – The Adventure Suite

We took a daring approach with the last of the suites, wanting to draw upon connotations of invention and science during the postmodernist design era. This style is characterised by vivid colours, theatrical shapes and exaggerated forms.

To further intensify this concept of science and invention, we chose to incorporate geometric patterns throughout the suite, in way of fabrics and the bathroom tiling.

Postmodern design embraces unconventional ideas with an emphasis on playful, artsy and extravagant style. You can see a particular example of this in the bespoke design of the carpet and the brightly coloured fabrics of the furniture and furnishings.