Reception & Living Room

Saga Spirit of Adventure
Brand positioning

Spirit of Adventure will possess a distinctive personality; confident and bold, offering a new, fresh and boutique style to the cruise market.

Saga guests are looking for aspirational interiors with personality that offers a relaxed and luxurious backdrop to fantastic and unrivalled service; the interiors will embody the best of British contemporary design.

The approach is bold and adventurous, eclectic, and with carefully curated use of colour, offering variation, big scale patterns and a layered palette.

Reception & Staircase

The architectural design of the space is angular and faceted, these strong, structural edges are softened by the design on the carpet, a gradual blending of colour from light to dark, it sweeps from top to bottom and guides you on your journey up or down.

The sculptural staircase, with full height artwork as the back drop, is the design feature of the space and draws the eye in as a focal point.

In terms of design concept and goal, we want guests to feel as though they are stepping into a realm of elegance and comfort. This is demonstrated by modern design with strong and considered FF&E at its core: collated pieces with a vibrant but balanced colour palette.


Working with a 3rd party consultant, we were responsible for developing the design direction for artwork.

Vibrant use of colour on some of the furnishings to match the bespoke design of the carpet on the staircase brings the two spaces together. Marble facades on the bar, brass trimmings and sumptuous fabrics all unite to create the Living Room.

The space features a serviced bar with coffee, cakes, and gelato during the day and cocktails at night. The bar has been designed in an angular shape to match that of the staircase. The same balanced colour palette is used from the staircase over into the bar and lounge seating area to draw the guests through which ensures a smooth transition from space to space.