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voco guestroom concept mood-board

Our mood-board for the voco guestroom concept of 2035…


As the Sleep & Event 2020 virtual event rolls nearer, we can now reveal the mood-board for our voco guestroom design concept for 2035.


As homage to the conversion brand, and the restorative nature of voco and their hotel portfolio we have introduced kintsugi, which translates to ‘golden seams’. This is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics by mending the breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.


Influenced by this restorative technique we have incorporated this as a feature wall finish (far right) and a nod to the kintsugi ideals of restoring and breathing life into existing objects. This also a direct reference to the ‘reuse-rewear-recycle’ movement popularised and promoted by Gen Z, and a rising against our current ‘throw-away culture’.


As a way to evolve the voco colour palette and understand what it could be in 2035, we explored the idea by overlaying glass and transparencies and developed these colours for the voco palette. This created an interesting design feature in the process, which we have incorporated into the room set.



We’ve highlighted a side table by Marwoolus (bottom centre). Marwoolus is a material made of offcuts from the marble production process and the wool textile industry, cast together with resin. The arrangement of wool filaments inside the material creates a soft, fluid and completely random design that looks and feels like veins in marble. Every piece will be different; a subtle nod to the personalisation of the guest experience, which we are highlighting as key to the voco guestroom of 2035.


An enriching space, we’ve included a natural air purification system by Briiv. Using natural materials to filter the air. Other materials included in the Sleep Set include reproduction white-marble inspired ceramic from Iris Ceramica, reclaimed timber, recycled and renewable Foresso terrazzo surface.


We’ve also included a rug design (bottom left) inspired by the artwork supplied by, London based gallery, The Artful Project. And a floor lamp which is designed and made exclusively in the UK by British designer Bert Frank.


The full Sleep-Set will be revealed in panoramic 360 during the virtual show, November 17-19, 2020. You can find out more here.


If you would like any information regarding the Sleep Set please get in touch with Kathryn Quinn.