Crystal Bach

Exterior design & architecture

Our involvement in the overall general arrangement plan and exterior styling facilitated the design of a unique ‘wrap-around’ glazing to the forward part of the vessel.

This primary gathering space for guests to enjoy talks, recitals and drinks, provides unparalleled views of the passing scenery. The cleverly integrated lighting, entertainment equipment and air conditioning, ensures the structure maintains a well-considered and highly designed form.

Wishing to maximise the guest experience potential of the open deck, we incorporated an outdoor cinema screen to the back the bar for movie nights.

Scope of work included the design and engineering of a pop-up bar, which uses hydraulics to lower itself into the deck to enable the river ship to travel under low European bridges.

Keeping in mind the height restrictions for river vessels, we ensured all the furniture is foldable to meet a certain height requirement and could be conveniently stored for efficient set up and removal.