Supper Club

Saga Spirit of Adventure

Drinks, dining and entertainment venue

The long, parallel outer walls of the Club are made from glass, textile and brass trim colonnades that act as screens and allow for partial visibility into the space to entice guests to enter as they hear the live music play.

Table arrangements and seating configurations have been established to provide comfortable supper club dining in this opulent space which plays tribute to British jazz clubs.

The table tops themselves feature a bespoke design; white with black inlay in concentric circles. The banquettes are a midnight blue colour and includes double stitch detail. Reeded glass screens surround the banquette area to provide visual privacy.

The bar boasts an upholstered padded front with brass skirtings and trimmings, as well as custom designed bar stools. The bar top hosts deco-style lamp fittings with stitch detail that are low-lit to help create the intimate, jazz club atmosphere. Finally, the space is elevated with abstract artworks that complement the colour palette of midnight blues and aubergines.